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The Venue

Engineering Inspirations

The Yorkshire Air Museum & Allied Air Forces Memorial is very proud to be a major supporter of Engineering Inspirations, which is now a firm fixture in our educational calendar. Yorkshire has a rich heritage in industry and inventiveness and this is admirably exemplified by the pioneering work of Sir George Cayley, the Scarborough born Father of Aeronautics and inventor of the aeroplane.


With this inspiration behind ‘Inspirations’, it is not surprising that the Sir George Cayley Cup for the Overall Winner, sponsored by the Museum, is so hotly contested each year. The event takes place in the Main Display Hangar, with the stunning background of the restored Halifax bomber, itself a major example of engineering excellence, providing a superb setting for the showcase of talent from around the region. It is always heartening to see the effort and dedication that all pupils put into their projects and all who take part can be proud of their achievement.

So, be inspired and submit your ideas and projects into the challenge and see where Inspirations can take you.

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